Trumbull’s Studio 35 grows out of other company’s need for studio space

TRUMBULL — As President and CEO of Talem Health, Eric VanStone prides himself on providing a quality medical education to health providers. But, he said, it’s hard to make good, streaming educational content when someone is vacuuming in the next room.

“If we were doing a live stream webinar in the past, we would go into a hotel, rent a ballroom, build a set and stream our content,” VanStone said. “There’s always a column in the way or a real estate convention next door.”

He said it had long been his dream to build a studio where he could create professional-looking content without working around intrusive architecture or taking neighbors’ behavior into account.

In 2020, VanStone found a space in Trumbull Corporate Park that was ideal for turning into a video production studio. He and his team built the studio and launched it late last year. But, shortly after that, he realized that Talem Health wasn’t the only business that might be in need of a high-quality studio in which to create audio visual content.

So, last month, he re-branded the space as Studio 35, a studio and office space available to rent for anyone look for a place to broadcast or record video, or shoot photography.

“It could really be for anything,” VanStone said, adding that possible uses could be shooting company stockholder meetings, recording podcasts or even filming cooking demonstrations.

Located in the rear of Trumbull Corporate Park, at 35 Nutmeg Drive, Studio 35 contains a 900-square foot recording studio, complete with a green screening, lighting equipment and other amenities. VanStone said the fee is $2,750 for a daily rental.

Rina Bakalar, Trumbull’s economic and community development director, said Studio 35 is poised to offer something unique to the area.

“We are very excited for this studio resource for Trumbull and the region,” she said. “We are already connecting businesses that we think may have a need or interest to the studio. We continue to mix uses and the kinds of businesses in the Corporate Park and other areas.”

VanStone said he’s just started to promote the space, but that it will likely have a strong appeal to a certain sector of the community.

“It’s a niche value to the area,” he conceded. “It’s not a restaurant, or something that will appeal to everyone.”

But, VanStone said, for those who need a place to stream a webinar or shoot a corporate video, Studio 35 provides a high-quality option.

“I think that what is going to end up happening is that for niche companies that have this need, we’ll fill that need,” he said.

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