Trumbull restaurant inspections: Which one got a perfect score?

Ten Trumbull restaurants failed their health inspections in August for a variety of reasons. One local eatery earned a rare 100-point perfect score, meaning everything — from the temperature in the food coolers to the cleanliness of the floors and sinks to the staff training — was spot on.

Health inspectors visit restaurants quarterly, and grade them on a 100-point. Inspectors deduct between one and four points for any one of 62 possible violations. Any score under 80 is considered a failure, as is even a single violation of a 4-point risk factor. Inspectors issue 4-point deductions for violations such as improper food-holding temperatures, damaged food cans and inadequate hand-washing facilities. Lesser violations can include leaving scoops in the ice machine, dirty floors, the presence of insects, missing or inaccurate food thermometers and uncovered trash cans. Restaurants that receive 4-point violations can be required to correct them on the spot. For the most severe violations, the restaurant can have its license revoked and be shut down.

In August the Trumbull Health Department conducted 31 inspections and issued scores ranging from 80 on the low side to one perfect 100. The establishments receiving 4-point violations were issued mostly for food held at improper temperatures and sanitizing solutions at improper concentration. Hot food is required to be held above 135 degrees. Cold food should be under 41 degrees. Hot food found below 135 degrees can sometimes be rewarmed to 165 degrees and served depending on how long it has been held at the lower temperature. Disinfecting solutions should be one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of warm water.

Health Director Lucienne Bango said the sanitizing mixture was an especially common and easy mistake for restaurant workers to make.

“They think that if they can’t smell bleach, it must not be strong enough,” she said. “Or they think that stronger is better.”

Sanitizing solution mixed at the proper concetration will dissipate when it air dries. Solution that is too strong won’t dissipate, and could potentially cause illness.

The state also recently lowered the aceptable temperature for cold food from 45 degrees to 41 degrees.

The complete list of inspection results is as follows. Restaurants that received a 4-point violation include brief explanations:

Beach Pool Concession - 80 - Employees fail to wash hands at proper times, sanitizer at improper concentration.

Best Edibles (reinspection) - 90

Bow Tie Cinemas - 83

Cafe 5520 (Park Ave. Medical Center) - 93 - Dented food can corrected on-site during inspection.

Caracas Grill - 88 - Sanitizer at improper concentration.

Charley’s Philly Steaks - 99

Chiang Mai Thai - 91

Stern Village Congregate Kitchen - 95 - Cold food held above 41 degrees.

CVS Pharmacy - 97

Dunkin Donuts (Westfield) - 97

Five Below - 98

Franco Gianni - 88

Ichiro Hibachi - 81

Layla Falafel - 96

Mici Asian Bistro - 94

Panda Express - 95

Parker Steak & Scotch - 91 - Cut ribs held at 45 degrees.

Poke n’Ramen - 90

Pretzel Maker - 96

Sarku Japan - 92

Sitting Duck Tavern - 90 - French onion soup and chicken wings held at 45 degrees.

St Vincent’s Special Needs - 100

Subway (Hawley Lane) - 86 - Meatballs at 131 degrees, reheated to 165 degrees. Items in server case between 48-52 degrees.

Subway (Westfield) - 97

Subway (Quality Street) - Roast beef, turkey, rotisserie chicken at improper temperature. Voluntarily discarded.

The Cookie Workshop - 98

Trumbull Marriott - 91

Trumbull Pharmacy - 98

Trumbull Pop Warner - 97

Unilever Cafe - 97

Wahlburgers - 89 - Handwashing sink missing from bar.