Trumbull real estate - 10 home sales total $3.4 million

The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office between September 23 and September 27. The 10 sales totaled $3.48 million and generated $8,156 in conveyance tax.

6466 Main Street: 6466 Main Street LLC to Joseph Devellis, $348,000

9 Valley Road: Federal National Mortgagte Associates to SS Enterprise LLC, $224,730

23 Laurel Street: MTGLQ Investors to Ron Mason and Marisa Mason, $333,500

53 Jog Hill Road: Donna Caseria Valus to Alexandre Tormena Maffini, $355,000

240 Booth Hill Road: Jenifer Batsoni to Paul Dryden and Sarah Dryden, $370,000

172 Palomino Pass #41: Young Ok Lee to Sunil Ravula, $405,000

31 Hillston Road: Regina Capital II LLC to Clayton Lusk and Diane Lusk, $469,900

27 Smith Drive: Vivian Penna to Rathana Ry, $270,000

15 Skyview Drive: Paula Brush to Tasha Hamblin and Troy Chapman, $412,000

33 Jerusalem Hill Road: Joseph Schirmer to David Barbar, $299,000.