Trumbull property transfers

The following property transfers have been recorded in the town clerk’s office.

555 Booth Hill Road

Price: $515,000

Seller/buyer: Scott H. Hackenson to Steven Lopez and Naihomy Lopez

64 Frederick St.

Price $600,000

Seller/buyer: Shelton Yung Yu Cheng and Shinn Chu Cheng to Yantong Zhu and Qiahang Li

108 Canoe Brook Road

Price: $535,000

Seller/buyer: Dayan N. Haddad Et Al to Brett M. Donovan and Kerri R. Petrello

22 Tahoe Circle

Price: $435,000

Seller/buyer: Ian D. Fleisch and Brittany Fleisch aka Brittany M. Pagano to Nicole Putorak and Brian Putorak

351 Shelton Road

Price: $376,500

Seller/buyer: William S. Haberlin and Carol G. Haberlin to Kathryn Polacik and Martha Ann Polacik

89 Lance Circle Bpt

Price $45,666.66

Seller/buyer: Susan Shepard to Rock Hill Gardens LLC

89 Lance Circle Bpt

Price $45,666.66

Seller/buyer: Timothy Shepard to Rock Hill Gardens LLC

89 Lance Circle Bpt

Price $45,666.66

Seller/buyer: Stephanie Shepard Kulhawik to Rock Hill Gardens LLC

170 Driftwood Lane

Price: $1,175,000

Buyer/Seller: Donna Vogel to Marc R. Cesare and Slavica Cesare

373 Booth Hill Road

Price: $449,900

Buyer/Seller: Gregory J. Raucci and Jamie E. Raucci to Robert Telep and Antonella Caggiano

162 Old Dike Road

Price: $829,000

Buyer/Seller: Maria Gomes to Adelio F. Pimenta and Ivana G. Dias Pimenta

22 Oriole Lane

Price: $338,000

Buyer/Seller: Josephine R. Terlaga to Brooke L. Duffany

168 Booth Hill Road

Price: $450,000

Buyer/Seller: Paul A. Visconti to Ralph Desir

34 Newton Lane

Price: $589,900

Buyer/Seller: Slavica Cesare to Greg Hatzis and Susan Hatzis

39 Longmeadow Road

Price $457,500

Buyer/Seller: Steven H. Farewell and Denise farewell to David Binney

34 Garnet Road

Price: $325,714.02

Buyer/Seller: Christopher Carrafiello to Nicholas Urda and Alana Urda

53 Sherman Ave.

Price: $395,000

Buyer/Seller: Palmira Gonvalves et al to Rohan Srivastava and Chandana Saxena

33 Frost Hill Road

Price: $477,500

Buyer/Seller: Kent A. Currie and Jenny J. Currie to Derrick R. Saxon

35 Saxony Drive

Price: $549,000

Buyer/Seller: Nicholas Foote to Olivia N. Kiraly

14 Pioneer Trail

Price: $550,000

Paul Giarrantano Et Al to Thais Rodriguez and Jonathan Rodriguez

46 Rolling Wood Drive

Price: $430,000

Buyer/Seller: Jason R. McCann to Douglas and Joy Seltzer and Ida Blotcky

5159 Madison Ave.

Price: $401,500

Buyer/Seller: Peter A. Rinaldi to Susan Ennis