Trumbull police warn residents about bump in certain crimes

Trumbull Police headquarters

Trumbull Police headquarters

Hearst Connecticut Media file photo

TRUMBULL — With the holiday season underway, the Trumbull police are warning residents that a bump in certain crimes is making the season not so merry and bright for many of their neighbors.

Police said they have seen an "alarming increase" in four categories of crimes — residential burglaries, mail theft, package theft and thefts of and from cars.

"These specific crimes are not new, but have been increasing significantly in recent weeks and months, both in Trumbull and throughout the region," the police said in a news release. "Although the holidays should be an enjoyable time for you and your family, it is important to remain vigilant and  be aware of people and circumstances that appear to be unusual or out-of-place."

Burglaries seem to be a particular problem, with police reporting that there have been at least 12 burglaries in town over the past two months. In each case, police said, the houses were vacant.

Police said simple precautions can help prevent many of these crimes. For instance, many of the mail thefts were of outgoing mail placed in a curbside mailbox. Police advised dropping outgoing mail in a box or slot inside the nearest branch of the U.S. Post Office instead of a mailbox. 

To protect against package thefts, police advise using doorbell cameras and delivery notification alerts to help limit the amount of time packages remain unattended outside the home.

As for car thefts and thefts from cars, police advise against leaving keys inside of a parked car or leaving the car idling while unattended. 

"Whenever a car is left parked and unattended, hide all valuables inside, lock the doors, and take the keys with you," the police said in their release.

Police also recommend reporting any suspicious behavior in their neighborhood to the police by call 911.