Trumbull police adopt Blue Envelope program to assist communication


The Trumbull Police Department is participating in the Blue Envelope program, which provides information and guidance to drivers with Autism Spectrum Disorder during their encounters with police.

The program is in compliance with a state law allowing individuals with the disorder a voluntary way to identify themselves to law enforcement and helping to increase awareness by police in these situations. The state Police Chief’s Association and the DMV partnered to create the program.

According to Lt. Brian Weir, there are certain procedures that change when police engage with a person that has an autism spectrum disorder.

The blue envelope is designed to hold their driver’s license, registration, insurance identification card, and any other documents they would need during an interaction with police. The outside of the envelope provides information and ways to enhance communication with police. On the front of the envelopes are instructions for the drivers and on the backside are instructions for the police on what either can expect during these interactions.

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