Trumbull, other towns settle lawsuit on shooting during 2008 raid

The towns of Easton, Monroe and Trumbull have announced that “a reasonable settlement” was reached in the lawsuit brought by the estate of Gonzalo Guizan, according to a Feb. 19 statement distributed by Easton First Selectman Thomas A. Herrmann.

Guizan was shot during a Southwest Emergency Response Team (SWERT) operation conducted in Easton on May 18, 2008, pursuant to a valid search warrant, Herrmann stated.

Guizan died and his estate is suing the five towns with police officers on the SWERT team — as well as the individual police departments and officers — that conducted the operation at a private home in Easton.

Insurers to pay for settlement

“While the defendants, police departments and officers from Darien, Easton, Trumbull, Monroe and Wilton maintain they were not responsible for the unfortunate death of Mr. Guizan, the insurers for the defendants, who will bear the full cost of the settlement, believed that it was best to resolve the matter rather than incur further attorneys’ fees, which were anticipated to be significant,” Herrmann said.

The defendants concurred, believing “it was important to facilitate the Guizan family being relieved of the continued burden of litigation,” according to the statement.

The settlement was fully insured and will not have a direct cost to the towns, Herrmann said, and specific terms of the settlement still are being resolved among the parties.

Other lawsuit from SWERT operation continues

“The defendants and their insurers will continue to litigate the case brought by Ronald Terebesi, whose home was the object of the search warrant, who claims he sustained physical and emotional damages,” according to Herrmann’s statement.