Trumbull man hits $20,000 CT Lottery jackpot twice...on same day

It’s not an everyday occurrence that a lottery player gets to experience the thrill of winning a scratch game’s top prize. That’s what makes Jim Zygmont of Trumbull’s double win all the more remarkable.
Zygmont purchased two “20X Cash 4th Edition” scratch tickets and won the game’s top prize twice on the same day, at the same lottery retailer, and walked away with $40,000 in a matter of minutes. The moment was captured on the store’s security camera.
“I bought the first ‘20X’ ticket over the counter at 4:56pm and won $20,000,” said Zygmont. “I almost fell backwards. It was crazy.”
Less than five minutes later, the retailer pointed out the Lottery’s new vending machine.
“He said, ‘They just started the machine up today; you should give it a try,’” Zygmont said.
Zygmont decided to give it a go. He turned around and purchased three more “20X Cash” tickets from the vending machine. When he scanned the second ticket with the machine’s ticket checker, Zygmont said he was stunned.
“I won another $20,000,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it!”
Zygmont, a computer consultant, said “20X Cash” is his “lucky” scratch game.
“It’s always a consistent winner for me,” he said.
According to the CT Lottery website, the 20X Cash 4th Edition game consists of 2.2 million tickets. Tickets cost $20 each and have an expected return of about about 1-in-4 odds of returning a prize. Prizes start at $20. Out of all 2.2 million tickets, there are 116 $20,000 winners, meaning the odds of buying one $20,000 winner are about 1-in-19,000.
For selling Zygmont his two top prize winning tickets, Crossroads Card & Gift, 280 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, will receive a $400 bonus from the CT Lottery.