Trumbull honors volunteers, staff for anti-COVID efforts

First Selectman Vicki Tesoro holds up a proclamation thanking community volunteer Lisa Nuland for her efforts helping Trumbull residents get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

First Selectman Vicki Tesoro holds up a proclamation thanking community volunteer Lisa Nuland for her efforts helping Trumbull residents get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

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TRUMBULL — With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly loosening its grip on Connecticut with each passing day, First Selectman Vicki Tesoro took the opportunity at the town council meeting to offer thanks to dozens of people who helped guide the town through what she called “the public health crisis of our lifetime.”

In a series of proclamations, Tesoro declared honorary weeks for numerous groups of town workers and volunteers, and bestowed the town’s thanks to one local woman who Tesoro estimated had helped vaccinate several hundred Trumbull residents.

“Lisa Nuland is a long-time Trumbull resident and has always been a volunteer in our community as a class mom, PTA member and Pop Warner cheerleading coach” Tesoro said. “When vaccine appointments first became available, Lisa quickly learned how to navigate the sites to all the places offering vaccine appointments, and she spent many hours online leaning when a block of appointments opened up.”

Nuland began sharing the information about vaccine appointments online, and soon became deluged with messages from people who were having difficulty using the federal VAMS online appointment system.

“She made lists of people who needed appointments, and booked appointments for them,” Tesoro said. “She developed relationships with the people giving appointments, and shared information immediately when appointments opened up. She was often online at 4 a.m. helping people make their appointments, giving expert instruction and pointing them in the right direction.”

Her efforts helped countless people get vaccinated sooner than they otherwise would have, Tesoro said.

“Lisa was a positive influence on many of our Trumbull residents,” she said.

In addition to Nuland, Tesoro recognized the town’s emergency responders and health workers, including the Health Department and the town’s emergency management team, which assisted at the town’s vaccination clinics.

“As of today, well over 60 percent of our community is fully vaccinated, and as of last week our town celebrated the 10,000th vaccination given by our Health Department. That’s quite an accomplishment,” she said.

Tesoro also recognized community volunteers, including the Medical Reserve Corps, school nurses, the Community Emergency Response Team, Moms of Trumbull, EMS, town employees and student nurses who donated their time.

“The Town of Trumbull recognizes the service and commitment of all of our community volunteers,” she said. “Thank you all again.”

School nurses also played a key role in battling the pandemic, Tesoro said.

“Nurses recognize the link between health and learning, and are in position to make a positive difference to children every day,” she said. “Our nurses were active partners in our COVID vaccination clinics, and with their help, our clinics have been a monumental success in our community.”

Finally, Tesoro recognized the town’s EMS and police for their roles.

“In addition to emergency services, Trumbull EMS is active within the community educating and promoting practices that may prevent future emergencies, and continues to play a crucial role in responding to the public health crisis of our lifetime,” she said.

The town’s police also deserved special recognition for “self sacrifice and service during these most challenging times,” Tesoro said. “The Town of Trumbull is grateful.”