Trumbull health inspections — which eatery failed again?

Trumbull health inspectors visited 27 restaurants in July, issuing failing grades to eight of them, including one establishment that failed a mandatory reinspection following a prior fail.

Health inspectors visit restaurants unannounced quarterly, and grade them on a numerical scale, with 100 points being a perfect score. Inspectors deduct between one and four points for any of 62 possible violations. Any score under 80 is considered a failure. In addition, a restaurant receiving any four-point violation is considered to have failed its inspection and must correct the infraction before its reinspection, generally within the next two weeks. More information on the state health guidelines is available here.

In the July health inspections, no restaurant received a grade below 80, but eight failed their inspections when the inspector observed one or more four-point violation. Best Edibles, which received a 79 in its June 20 inspection, also failed its reinspection in July despite improving slightly to 82 points. In this case the eatery was issued a four-point violation for holding roast beef, roast chicken, and cheese at temperatures ranging from 46 degrees to 50 degrees. Cold food should be held at or below 40 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria.

According to Trumbull Health Director Lucienne Bango, the restaurant’s management was called into the Health Department for a discussion on the deli/cafe’s infractions and to establish a plan to address them. A third failure could lead to the eatery being closed down, at least temporarily.

On the other end of the scale, two Trumbull restaurants — Pizza Hut in the Westfield Target store and the McDonald’s in the mall food court — both received scores of 99 out of 100. Both locations also received their lone point deduction for the same infraction — storing cooking oil in an unabeled container.

The complete list of restaurant scores follows. Restaurants receiving four-point violations include brief descriptions from the inspector’s report:

Beaches Pool Snack Bar — 80 — Chlorine sanitizing solution more concentrated than the required 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of warm water. Handwashing sink blocked.

Best Edibles — 82 —Reinspection. Cold food stored at too high a temperature.

Bridges at Trumbull —97.

Caracas Grill — 87 — Pork held at 83 degrees and cold chicken held at 48 degrees. Also no backflow preventer on a washing sink.

Chips —81 — Improper food storage temperature. Chips was reinspected two weeks later and passed with a score of 93.

Cinnabon — 92 — Handwashing sink blocked.

Cooper Surgical — 96.

Cosimo Pizza — 97.

Dunkin’ (Westfield) — 91.

Dunkin (945 White Plains Road) — 91.

Fatty Patty — 87.

HealthyHolic Fitness Cafe — 82 — Items stored in handwashing sink. HealthyHolic received a 96 on its reinspection.

Long Hill United Methodist Church — 93.

McDonald’s (80 Hawley Lane) — 93

McDonald’s (Westfield) — 99.

Pizza Hut (Westfield Target) —99.

Pretzel Maker (Westfield upper level) — 96.

Prime One Eleven — 80 — Provolone cheese at 62 degrees. Hand washing sink blocked.

Romanacci’s — 96.

St. Joseph Manor — 93.

Starbucks — 95.

Trumbull Food Mart — 86 — Prepared chicken sandwich at 123 degrees when it should be at least 135 degrees.

Trumbull Pizza Co. — 95.

Watermelon — 90.