Trumbull foundation donates $20,000 to Beardsley Zoo

Photo of Amanda Cuda

A Trumbull woman has chosen Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo as the latest recipient of a $20,000 grant she administers on behalf of a family member.

The funding comes from the Laub Foundation, a private charitable trust established by the late Bernice Laub 30 years ago. The foundation’s family trustee, Marilyn Ann Elias of Trumbull, is the one who selected the zoo to receive the funds.

Elias said the foundation supports four causes, and one of them is the care and welfare of animals.

“The foundation has been administered by the family and JP Morgan Private Bank after my cousin Bernice passed away, and left money to be invested and donated for causes close to her heart,” Elias said in a news release. “I chose the zoo as a grant recipient because I admire, applaud and am comforted by the zoo’s mission statement of helping fragile wildlife populations and ecosystems, and all the steps the zoo takes to accomplish this mission.”

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is a nonprofit organization and participates in the species survival plan, a population management program for endangered species. It also offers educational programming for adults and children.

The zoo is celebrating its 100th year in 2022.

Zoo director Gregg Dancho applauded the grant and said it will be put to good use.

“We are grateful for the Laub Foundation’s support,” Dancho said in a news release. “We welcome donations to help provide additional funds for our family of animals and their habitats.”