Trumbull coronavirus numbers - Elderly women hardest hit

Just over half of the 46 Trumbull residents who have died with COVID-19 were over 80 years old, according to information released today by the town. The data, available through the town’s website, was compiled from numbers provided by the state.

As of April 24, there have been 304 town residents that tested positive for the virus, 120 males and 183 females (there was one case with no gender reported). The trend is that the number of those to test positive tracks with age, with 77 cases reported in people over 80, 56 in people in their 70s and 45 cases among people in their 60s. Just 16 people under 30 have tested positive, including one under 10.

Charted by gender, the largest group by far among the confirmed cases is women 80 and older, with 56 cases. The second largest group is women from 70 - 79, with 31 cases.

Men, on the other hand, had 20 reported cases in those 80 and older, and 20 more in those between 70 and 79.

On the other end of the scale, three males and nine females in their 20s had tested positive, and one girl under 10 years old had been confirmed with the virus. The state did not have the ages of another four Trumbull residents to be confirmed with coronavirus.

Of the fatal cases, 24 out of the 46 were patients 80 and older (52 percent). Thirteen of the fatal cases were people in their 70s, five people were in their 60s and two in their 50s.

The rate of positive tests is increasing as testing becomes more common. Trumbull had just two confirmed cases on March 23, and had less than 10 five days later. From there the numbers increased more rapidly, with 33 cases by April 4, 121 on April 11, 199 on April 18 and 302 on April 24.

The good news, though, is that the peak may be past, as Gov. Ned Lamont reported Friday that coronavirus hospitalizations are dropping in Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford counties, the three hardest hit areas. Lamont said that development was “extraordinary good news.”