Trumbull cooking up a community book

Everyone loves their grandmother’s cooking, and everyone has their specialty dish that’s the hit of the neighborhood potluck or holiday gathering. Now Trumbull residents will get a chance to share their culinary creations with the creation of the Trumbull Friends & Neighbors Cookbook.

The idea, according to Senior Commissioner Mary Isaac, is for residents to share the dishes that their own families and friends have enjoyed for years. Equally importantly, she is hoping residents share the stories behind their family favorites.

“I’m hoping people will spend the 10 minutes or so to send in their recipes and share the stories behind them,” Isaac said. “Ideally we’ll get a blend of things that people always make for the potluck dinner, and the special meals that they maybe make once a year.”

Isaac herself knows what her family will be submitting: Painted cookies and potluck pizza.

“Every year my mother did these cookies where everyone paints a design on them before you bake them,” she said. “She did this every year at Christmas.”

There also is a story behind her husband Marty’s personal make-your-own pizza recipe that is known among her family as Marty’s Hearty Party Pizza.

Those wishing to submit a recipe can use a submission form under the Senior Center section of the town website or email to For even easier submissions, call 203-452-9375 or bring a copy to the center at 23 Priscilla Place.

Proceeds from the book will be used to support outreach programs at the Senior Center. Those submitting recipes do not have to be seniors themselves, or even Trumbull residents, Isaac said.

“Anyone who is part of the community,” she said. “The police chief, the first selectman, the librarians, Senior Center staff, all kinds of people. It’s a great way to support the community, and who doesn’t like to see their name in print?”