Trumbull SAT scores remain stable, girls outperform boys on test

Trumbull High girls outperformed boys on the 2018-19 SAT, according to results released earlier this week from the state Department of Education. Overall Trumbull students’ performance remained stable from 2017 to 2018, dipping two points, from 1,129 to 1,127 in the past year.

The 264 female students who took the test were consistent in their scores on the math and language sections of the test, scoring an average of 569 on the English and language arts section, and 570 in math. Boys on average scored 547 and 564 on the ELA and math portions. There were 220 boys taking the test this year.

Trumbull High’s scores overall were above the state average. There were 36,639 students statewide who took the test this year, and they averaged 1,016 overall. Statewide, girls scored slightly higher in ELA, 523 - 506, and slightly lower in math, 498 - 503.

Asians scored above their peers on both the language and math sections of the test, clocking in at 607 ELA and 644 math. White students scored 569 and 576 respectively and Hispanic students 498 and 488. The state withheld the scores of the 30 African American and multiracial students to ensure confidentiality due to fact that such students make up less than 5 percent of the student population in Trumbull.

The state also grades students on a scale of 1 to 4 on whether the students are meeting state learning standards. In Trumbull, 30 students were listed as Level 1 in ELA, meaning they failed to meet state standards in language. In math, there were 36 students at Level 1. On the other end, 382 students met or exceeded state ELA standards (79.6 percent) while 322 students met or exceeded standards on the math portion (67.1 percent).

St. Joseph High School, a Catholic school located in Trumbull that draws students from more than 30 towns, was not included in the state report. School officials informed the Trumbull Times that the school’s students had scored 580 on the language portion of the test and 560 on math on the 2019 SAT.