Trumbull Dems take majority on town boards, commissions

When First Selectman Vicki Tesoro takes office for her second term, she’ll be surrounded by familiar faces.

Trumbull Democrats rolled to wins in nearly every town race Tuesday. Unofficially, the Democrats will now control the Town Council 16-5, Board of Education 5-2 and the Board of Finance and Planning and Zoning Commission will each have 4-2 Democratic majorities.

With a solid, super majority on the Town Council, presumed chairman Mary Beth Thornton said the council could well move to reduce its majority.

Vicki Tesoro has said returning the town to a seven-district council is a priority. Such a change would mean the maximum number of seats any party could hold would be 14 instead of the current 17.

“It’s just better government,” Thornton said. “The council works best when it’s evenly split. For the past two years it’s been 11-10, and I normally don’t vote except to break ties.”

Town Treasurer Anthony Musto, who won re-election, said the results were a repudiation of the negative campaigning that marked the race.

“I mean, this is huge. You usually don’t get margins this big in municipal elections in Trumbull,” said Musto. “It shows the people have a lot of faith in Vicki and her team.”

Musto says the results are a reflection of what the people of Trumbull want for their town.

“They like what she’s been doing, what we’ve all been doing, and they want us to keep it up,” he said. “So we’re going to try to do that.”

Democrats will retain control of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Republicans had made a push to win back a majority by running as a group in opposition to rental apartment development in town, a campaign that chairman Fred Garrity said could land the town in court should such developments come before the commision.

“A zoning hearing is the first step in a legal process,” Garrity said. “The applicant is entitled to a fair hearing.”

Rachel Brooks contributed to this story