Trumbull BOE changes band room name to better honor late leader

Photo of Amanda Cuda

TRUMBULL — Lucinda Timpanelli wants to make it clear that she and other members of the Trumbull Board of Education never meant to misquote anyone.

But they might have unintentionally done that last month when they voted on a new name for the Trumbull High School band room. The board voted at its Sept. 13 meeting to name the band room after the late Peter Horton, who died in July.

Horton was the director of Trumbull High School's Golden Eagle Marching Band. He taught music for 30 years until his retirement in 2020. 

At that meeting, representatives of a committee presented the board with three potential names for the band room: "The Peter G. Horton Band Room, Pride – Attitude – Concentration 'From the Heart'"; "The Peter G. Horton Band Room 'From the Heart!' Pride – Attitude – Concentration"; "The Peter G. Horton Band Room 'Play From the Heart!'"

The board ultimately requested that the committee combine a few of the choices and name the room "The Peter G. Horton Band Room 'Play From the Heart!' Pride – Attitude – Concentration." At the time, those in attendance at the meeting seemed content with the choice.

But there was a problem with the choice, said Assistant Superintendent Susan Iwanicki.

"We would humbly like to ask the board to re-vote on the name of the room," Iwanicki said during the board's Sept. 27 meeting. "Several of the (naming committee) members, including Mr. Horton’s wife, had really noted that that Mr. Horton really said 'from the heart.' He didn’t really say 'play from the heart.'"

Committee member Dave Turechek echoed those thoughts.

"I just want to say thank you for allowing us to revisit this so that we can get what Peter actually said," he said.

Timpanelli quickly apologized for the unintentional misquote.

"We really didn't know," she said, adding that the board saw "Play From the Heart" on the list of options, and many members liked it.

"We just looked and picked," she said. "We thought it was nice, but if you want to (change the name), it’s fine with us."

The board then voted to change the name to "The Peter G. Horton Band Room 'From the Heart!' Pride – Attitude – Concentration."