Town recovering after back-to-back snowstorms

Trumbull’s Public Works employees were a tired but proud group earlier this week, having kept the town’s roads and public buildings clear during two snowstorms over four days. The snow resulted in a four-day weekend for Trumbull students, and extended shifts for the town’s road crews.

Adding to the workload was the fact that cleanup from Thursday’s storm, which dumped about 13 inches of heavy, wet snow on the town, lasted well into Friday, and Sunday’s storm, forecast for one to three inches, actually totaled about double that.

“The problem was the timing,” said Public Works Director John Marsilio. “It’s critical to widen the road as much as possible, because you have another storm coming behind the first one. Sooner or later, if you can’t push the snow back to the curb, it becomes one lane.”

Road clearing took longer than usual because the wet snow, packed down by cars driving over it, froze to the road, creating an inch-thick layer of ice that was hard as concrete.

“It took a long time to clear,” Marsilio said. “It was a long, hard storm, but we came through it in good shape, although with many, many hours of work. Then freezing overnight brought slippery conditions Friday, and then we had everyone on call for the predicted Friday night storm, which never occurred.”

After working through the night Thursday, and being called out again Friday night, the plows were back at it through the day and night Sunday.

“It’s grueling,” Marsilio said. “It costs a lot of money, especially dealing with late nights and weekends, but these guys really earned it. I’m pretty proud of how we came through it.”

The forecast for the next 10 days does not include snow, a welcome relief considering the department used about half of its de-icing supply in the last week.

“Two events back to back, we had to keep going back out and putting [de-icer] down day after day because the wind kept blowing snow back onto the roads, and then we have to go out and do it again to keep the town safe,” Marsilio said.