Party - Republican

Incumbent? - No

Age - 72

Current Job/Employer? - Retired

High School - Hillhouse High School/ New Haven

College - Southern CT State

Post Graduate - Masters & 6 th year Educational Administration Degree

The top issue you will address if elected: (50 words or less) - Keeping the tax rate in Trumbull under control. It is becoming difficult for many Trumbull residents to afford to live in our town.

What other issues do you feel are important in this election? (50 words or less) - We must maintain our outstanding school system and closely monitor of new housing developments. The addition of a community center is important to our town.

Tell us about your family - Married to my wife Patricia for 43 years and the father of three grown sons. We have a 4 year old Grandaughter .

Elected offices held or community groups involved with: Never held political office.

Please provide your campaign's website, if you have one -