Town Council: Bill Mecca

Party - Democratic

Incumbent? - Yes

Age - 49

Current Job/Employer? - School Social Worker/Trumbull Public Schools

High School - Hamden High School

College - Roger Williams University

Post Graduate - New York University

The top issue you will address if elected: (50 words or less) - Residents need to be involved and engaged in the governmental process at every level. Therefore, my goal is to keep neighbors informed of opportunities to volunteer and learn how the local democratic process works.

What other issues do you feel are important in this election? (50 words or less) - Preserving the quality of our public schools, the preservation of open space, public safety, making the community pedestrian and bicycle friendly, supporting small business and commercial revenue growth, and balancing budgets so that our fiscal health minimizes the potential for any tax increases are my priorities.

Tell us about your family - I am a divorced father of 2 children, Lauren a junior at Trumbull High and Andrew, an 8th grader at Hillcrest Middle School. I also have my mother in Trumbull, age 85, at Stern Village close by.

Elected offices held or community groups involved with: Former President of the Nichols Improvement Association, current member of the Board of Trustees.

Please provide your campaign's website, if you have one -