Town Council: Alex Vazzano

Party - Republican

Incumbent? - No

Age - 28

Current Job/Employer? - Vazzy's Restaurants and Catamount Food Service

High School - The Gunnery School

College - Sacred Heart

Post Graduate - None

The top issue you will address if elected: (50 words or less) - Public safety

What other issues do you feel are important in this election? (50 words or less) - With recent tax hikes and poor zoning decisions being made Trumbull needs to be put back on the right track. It’s important to me that I raise my family in the safe community I myself grew up in.

Tell us about your family - Married to my wife of two years, Brianna. We recently welcomed our first son Alexandro, Jr. “AJ” in February.

Elected offices held or community groups involved with:

Please provide your campaign's website, if you have one -