Three Shelton home sales top $500K to close November

Three Shelton properties sell for more than $600,000 in late November.

Three Shelton properties sell for more than $600,000 in late November.

Paul Chinn / The Chronicle

The following property transfers were recorded in the city clerk’s office between Nov. 23 and Dec. 4.

18 Crescent Drive, Robert Zahornasky Exec. and Mary Zahornasky Est. to Fllaza J. Bungu, $370,000.

31 Waterford Lane (Unit 31 Waterview Landing), Robert J. Crowley to Jane Mahoney and Henry G. Laffler, $420,000.

Lot No. 14 Black Brook Estates, Barry C. Severs and Jennifer R. Severs to Timothy Christopher Otano, $517,000.

96 Kanungum Trail, Matheus Bertocco to Roseline Precil Romnus, $330,000.

56 Sunset Drive, Daniel J. Volturno to Nick T. Ditullio and Alyssa M. Ditullio, $300,000.

151 Beardsley Road, (Lot No. 7 Section Two Dimon Hill Estates), Michael Sorrentino and Christine L. Sorrentino to Courtney Mastroni and Jamie Mastroni, $525,000.

80 Rugby Road (Lot No. 39 Section Five White Hills Estates), Linda Roberts to Florencio Rodriguez and Jennifer Elizabeth Rodriguez, $616,900.

54 Hawthorne Ave., James S. Hawley to Kelly A. Walsh and Corey W. Walsh, $310,000.

145 Canal St. (Unit 206 Birmingham on the River), Kristin Rosado to Vincent A. Cavaliere and Eugenia A. Cavaliere, $160,000.

15 East Village Road, Michael V. Shuster (admin) and Vernon W. Shuster (estate) to 15 East Village Road LLC, $160,000.

266 Meadow St., 266 Meadow LLC to Matthew Burke and Kristin Rosado, $440,000.

105 Meadow St., Romano Brothers Builders LLC to Jamie Schneider and Ashley Schneider, $459,900.

153 Okenuck Way (Lot No. 1 Kings Point Estates), Brian Twohig, Jennifer Twohig and Erin Twohig Brooks to Dimitri Papadopoulos and Jennifer Papadopoulos, $430,000.

37 Golec Ave. (Lot No. 42 Coram Avenue Gardens), Linda C. O’Marra (trust) and Phipps Family Trust Agreement to Anne Callahan Lapham, $289,900.

6 Birthback, Ronald G. Berry (trust) and Ronald G. Berry and Joan A. Berry Irrevocable Home Trust to Rocco J. Rossetti III, $350,000.

2 Budd Circle (Not No. 20 Basking Ridge), Saurabh Chaturvedi and Aashta Chaturvedi to Madan S. Nayak and Sarita Nayak, $425,000.

69-71 Cliff St., Stanislaw Stawiarski and Maria Stawiarski to Waclaw Czeslaw Wypasek and Anna Wypasek, $315,000.

59 Lynne Terrace (Lot No. 54 Laurel Wood Manor), Mary Barna to Junivel Garcia, $400,000.

70 Wigwam Drive (Lot No. 5 Marie Alicia Park), John Cartolano and Lisa Y. Delventhal to Ramon Velazquez, $491,000.

46 Dartmouth Drive (Lot No. 54 Ivy Acres), James Cascone and Linda Cascone to Suzanne L. Fraccaroli, $425,000.

28 Longmeadow Road, Diana Neptune to Dalmacio Oliveira Lopes and Anabela Varela Lopes, $341,000.

111 Poplar Drive, Barbara J. Lycosky aka Estate and Barbara Jeanne Lycosky aka Estate to James Mallon and Michaela Davis, $305,000.

23 Summit Ave., William Henry Karcher to Louis Salemme, $95,000.

41 Hilltop Drive, Michael A. Kennedy to Brittany Vizzo and Michael Kavanaugh, $349,980.

36 Sunset Drive, Ronald V. Duva II to Dawn A. Santagata, $339,900.

104 New St., James E. Erodici and Yeseniaq Erodici, $379,000.

38 Highland Ave., Mary A. Devlin to Jaime R. Samaniergo, $218,000.

3 Murphy’s Lane, Unit No. 15, Forstrom Associates LLC to Ann Leslie Forstrom, $155,000.

110 Shelton Ave., Aaron L. Gonzalez and Aurelia Gonzalez to Carlos Rodrigo Pereira, $320,000.

47 Waverly Terrace, Mark G. Tomcho and Jessica S. Tomcho to Alvin Torre and Awilda C. Torre, $395,000.

158 Thoreau Drive, Anthony Joseph Merola aka exec., Anthony Merola Jr. aka exec. and Anthony Merola (estate) to Roberto Figueroa and Mariana Figueroa, $430,000.

5 Meghan Lane, Jenna L. Martire and Mark C. Martire to Mark G. Tomcho and Jessica S. Tomcho, $465,000.

124 Heather Ridge, Marisa N. Magner to Jonathan M. Dzurenda, $150,000.