The Great Minds Collection Art Exhibition at the Trumbull Library

Beginning Nov. 1 through May 2015, The Great Minds Collection: 35 Portraits of Transformational Figures, will be exhibited throughout the Trumbull Library. A collaborative project of Trumbull residents, Dick and Jane Resnick, and contemporary artist, Robin Morris, the collection is a series of large scale, stylized portraits of individuals, each defined as someone who has altered the human landscape, who has changed the way humans think, or what we think, or even how we think.

The collection, on loan from the Resnicks was conceived not just for its visual impact, but for its educational possibilities and designed to provoke discussion about their subjects. As such, the collection is incomplete and the transformative figures are not meant to be confused with heroes, although some may be both.

In keeping with the project’s purpose, there will be a suggestion box to collect the public’s recommendations for individuals who should be added to the collection.

A talented “pop” artist, recognized the world over for her “new deco” style, Morris’ paintings are her observations of life, stylized, and playful yet challenging to the viewer. Her work has been seen on Radio City Music Hall program and Miami magazine covers, artwork displayed in President Clinton’s office, in international museums, and through other commissions from Bloomingdale’s to Coca Cola. Her unique style straddles the worlds of fine art, pop art, and commercial art.

For more information on the exhibition, call 203-452-5197