Ten Trumbull homes sell for $3.96 million

The following property transfers were reported to the Trumbull Town Clerk’s Office between September 1 and September 7:

103 Hilltop Drive: Rosalie Finley to Robert Antonelos and Elipida Tzilianos, $432,000

52 Macarthur Road: Louis Russo and Patricia to Tara Golino, $332,500

14 Heavenly Lane: Carl Massaro (exec) and Barbara Ward (estate) to Karina Gonzalez, $450,000

83 Cottage Street: Jason Chiodo and Jennifer Chiodo to Shang Ming Lin and Yan Qin Jiang, $550,000

246 Putting Green Road: Patrick Adams and Sue Adams to Artz Xhokola, $325,000

133 Driftwood Lane: Lawrence Buchwald and Sylvia Buchwald to Sobonneth Ung and Taoli Ji, $619,000

41 Rocky Ridge Drive: Anife Mullai to Madeline Weir and Sean Weir, $375,000

53 Lorma Avenue: Reginald Nyszik to Gustavo Medina, $260,000

5164 Main Street: Leisa Ballaro to Darnell Greenland and Lavalee Burton, $352,000

17 Stony Brook Circle: Sachem Capital Realty to Jeffrey Murphy. $270,000.