Interim safety measures on Route 111 near the Pequonnock River Trail crossing should be in place within a matter of weeks, according to a statement from First Selectman Vicki Tesoro’s office.

In the coming weeks, a temporary light beacon with an improved crosswalk will be installed at the crossing to help trail users cross Route 111 safely. The new beacon has a rapid flash lighting system that improves the ability of a driver to notice the trail users’ intention to cross the road. These beacons will be reused at Spring Hill Road once the permanent Route 111 improvements are completed.

The permanent safety improvements are currently in the design phase, and are expected to be reviewed by the state Department of Transportation this month. The town has received a funding commitment through the State Department of Transportation and MetroCOG, the regional planning agency.

In addition to the initial design review, an additional approval will occur at final design prior to construction. As a part of the same project, the current trail crossing will be relocated to coordinate with a new traffic light at the Edge Fitness/Prime 111 shopping center. These changes are critical to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety, Tesoro said.

Tesoro said she has been a continued advocate for safety improvements to the area.

“Although the process takes longer than we all would like, I’m pleased that we are finally moving in the right direction,” she said. “We are doing everything we can to expedite the process with our partners at the state.”