Teacher knits scarves for Newtown

Local knitters gathered to create green-and-white scarves last week for the Scarves for Sandy Hook project initiated by Madison Middle School teacher Jeanne Malgioglio, a Monroe resident.

More than a dozen people got together at the home of Cindy LaBlanc to assist Malgioglio in reaching her goal of having 600 scarves made by Jan. 15 to be distributed to Newtown students and other residents.

Some had never knitted or crocheted before, but they were eagerly learning from those with more experience.

The scarves are being created with the school colors of Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 young students and six educators were shot to death Dec. 14.

Malgioglio, the mother of two elementary school students, had asked for help from the Monroe Newcomers and Neighbors. She had joined the club during the summer but had not the chance to be actively involved since then.

"I reached out to them to see if they could help," she said.

Malgioglio plans to have Madison students package the collected scarves in groups of 25 and then bring them to Newtown. She is working with a Newtown Board of Education employee and Monroe school board member to get the scarves to the appropriate people.

Last week, after publicizing Scarves for Sandy Hook through social media and other outlets, Malgioglio had received offers to provide scarves from 41 states and a few foreign countries. And the offers keep coming.

"It's overwhelming," she said. "I never thought it could get this big."

Malgioglio, who knits regularly, came up with the idea after wondering what she could do to help the people of Newtown in the aftermath of the tragedy.