Tashua Knolls bowling leaders

Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Bowling at the Nutmeg Lanes through Dec. 17, has Team 5 (Dick Stein, Bob Vagnini, Roy Green and Angelo Cordone) in first place in the Tuesday Bowling League by 11 points.

There has been no bowling for two weeks, due to the snow, and the league will not resume until Jan. 7.  The individual high average leader is John Verdeschi at 191.

The Friday League, as of Dec. 20, has Team 11 (Joe Bartomeli, Guy DeFeo, Paul Schuerlein, Bob Oleyar and Angelo Cordone) in first place by one point.

The high scratch single was Oleyar at 224, and Carl Bluestein the three game series with 603. The single game with handicap was Dennis Russell at 262 and Oleyar was the series with handicap at 685. Verdeschi is the league’s individual high average leader at 187.