Sweet surprise for Jane Ryan students

Jane Ryan students got an unexpected sweet surprise last week during the school's annual holiday sing-along. State Rep. Tony Hwang and state Sen. Anthony Musto arranged for the delivery of 400 cupcakes, enough for every student at the school.

"Tony Hwang called yesterday and asked if there were any school events maybe after Christmas break where they could do something for the students," said Principal Mary Ellen Bolton the day of the event. "I said we have our annual sing along tomorrow. So he said, 'If I can pull this together by tomorrow can we do it?'"

With a little help from Luigi's, the cupcakes arrived on time, to the mass approval of the student body.

Hwang said the gift to the students was in response to the tremendous sadness the community has been feeling and called the cupcakes, singing and happy children a "respite" from the tragic events that had happened just a few miles up the road.

"I am still overwhelmed with sadness about the Sandy Hook tragedy and especially touched by the loss during the holiday season of family, love and hope," he said. "I am resolved to affirm my commitment towards making a positive difference in my community. This small effort to bring smiles and happiness to students, teachers and staff at Jane Ryan School was therapeutic for me as well."