Handgun stolen, owner charged with violating safe storage law

Police charged a Stratford man with violating the state’s safe gun storage laws early January 15.

According to reports, Evan Tibbals, 23, parked in the driveway of his girlfriend’s Trumbull home and spent the night. Tibbals allegedly left a Glock pistol in the center console of his pickup truck, then left the truck unlocked.

At some time during the night, the Glock was stolen out of the truck. Police said only the pistol was taken, and there was no sign of forced entry.

Police are investigating the gun theft, but charged Tibbals with improper storage of a pistol in a vehicle.

Under Connecticut state law, handguns may not be left unattended in a vehicle unless the firearm is in the trunk or in a locked safe or locked glove box. First-time violation of the law is a Class A misedemeanor.