Social media threats lead to charges against Stratford man

TRUMBULL —Police have arrested a Stratford man in connection with an alleged string of social media rants and threats.

According to reports, a woman told Trumbull police on Nov. 10 that a man she knew had been posting disturbing comments on social media.

Frank David, who had been involved in a police standoff in 2018, had a habit of ranting on Facebook, she told police. This particular one went on for several days and allegedly included a list of people David intended to get even with. The list included her and numerous attorneys and law enforcement officials, and included a comment that he would be “taking action,” according to police.

David owned several guns, which had been confiscated following the 2018 standoff. He also had lost his pistol permit at that time. But on Nov. 12 Stratford police returned the weapons after David and an aquaintance who had a valid permit collected them.

Without a permit, David could not carry any weapon but could legally keep them in his house, police said.

Police arrested David on Nov. 13, charging him with second-degree breach of peace, second-degree harassment and second-degree threatening. Officers also got a risk warrant for the guns, and re-confiscated them on Nov. 14.

Bond was set at $100,000, and David is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 16.