So, you want to be an engineer…

There are plenty of television programs about police officers, lawyers, doctors, and politicians. But how many feature engineers?

The Trumbull Library is hoping to bring engineering to the forefront of youths’ minds with the program, So You Want to be an Engineer.

The program begins Wednesday, Sept. 26 with the first of a year-long series of monthly presentations. The first program, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., will focus on electrical engineering including wiring diagrams and electrical testing. The sessions are geared toward older teens in grades 8-11.

The program started as a proposal from Harman Ugra, a Trumbull High School student, who had an interest in developing an ongoing engineering group at the library. The idea is to get teens exposed to engineering so they have a better concept for what people in the profession do: everything from what a typical day is like, what classes to take in school, what sparked their interest in the profession, what’s the best thing about their job, etc. Time will also be given to allow audience members the opportunity to ask questions. Participants will also have the opportunity to do a small project involving electricity. Refreshments will be served given that it is an evening event.

Future presentations in the So You Want to be an Engineer series include civil engineering on Thursday, Oct. 18, and biomedical engineering on Wednesday, November 28.