Six days added to school year after Sandy, nor'easter

The recent school cancellations for Superstorm Sandy and the recent nor'easter have placed February break in serious jeopardy. And it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

According to School Supt. Ralph Iassogna, the six cancellations already have pushed back the planned last day of school from June 13 to June 21. Any additional closings will come out of February break, starting with Friday, Feb. 22.

Iassogna said he would update the Board of Education about the schedule changes, but under the board's calendar approved last year, the first six cancellations would be added onto the end of the year, and each additional day would come from the February break.

"We really had no choice but to close schools the entire week of Sandy because some of the buildings didn't even get power back until Saturday," Iassogna said. "There was just no way to get schools open with no power and some of the buildings having damage."

Damage to the buildings included a tree that fell and damaged the roof of Madison Middle School and a 10-foot section of the roof at Hillcrest that stripped away in the wind. Both buildings have since been repaired. Iassogna said he was awaiting a report on the final cost and expected the cost would be covered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

"We really came through pretty well, except for losing power," Iassogna said.