Senior Men’s Club bowling

After completing 13 weeks of competition, the Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Bowling Tuesday League has team 5 (Dick Stein, Bob Vagnini, Roy Green and Angelo Cordone) taking over first place.

Best performances for Nov. 26, were: Greg Babash had the high scratch game at 222, John Verdeschi’s 592 was the high scratch series, Gary Robenseifer had the high game with handicap scoring 262, and John Cady’s 656 was the high series with handicap.

John Verdeschi continues to lead with his 193 average.

The Friday League completed the sixth week of bowling on Nov. 29.

Team 1 (Dick Volpe, Charles Clark, Tony Cornell and Joe Alarcon) are in first place.

Top scores for the day had John Cady scoring 215 for high scratch game and 265 for high game with handicap.

Cordone’s 601 was the high game with handicap, and Volpe scored 661 to win high series with handicap.

Alarcon is the leagues individual high average leader at 189.