School district checking residency

With enrollment concerns at some elementary schools, particularly Frenchtown, the Trumbull school district has started a new residency check, being sent to student’s homes.

According to a letter being sent to the home address of elementary school students, the district is looking to verify residency of all students from kindergarten through grade 12. The first phase is verifying residency of elementary students.

“This is not a usual practice — it’s the first time Trumbull has done this,” Assistant Superintendent Michael McGrath said.

McGrath said the mailing will help the district compile an enrollment report, to address potential issues.

“We want to be sure that in doing our enrollment study we are getting the best, cleanest data we can possibly have,” he said.

The mailing, which is about seven pages long, directs residents who are homeowners, non-homeowners or legal guardians of students to fill out documents. It was sent home a couple of weeks ago, McGrath said. The documents must be submitted back to the district’s Residency Verification Office by Dec. 6.

The way that residency is normally checked is when students first register in the district. Homeowners in town don’t have to regularly update their information but renters are asked to update information when their lease is renewed, McGrath said.

Non-residents attending Trumbull schools has been a concern voiced by parents at Frenchtown since the start of the school year. The district projected that Frenchtown’s enrollment would be 619 this year, but the actual enrollment is 671, leading to overcrowding issues. Daniels Farm also has just a few students more than projection while other elementary schools in the district are below projections.

The district promised to form a committee to research issues related to elementary enrollment. Superintendent Gary Cialfi said the committee will look at residency, class size, staffing, space utilization and more to alleviate overcrowding.

McGrath said residency verification has been going smoothly so far. Once elementary is complete, mailings will go out to homes with high school and middle school students that haven’t already received it during the first phase.

“Most of the parents that have contacted us with questions were in support of this idea,” McGrath said. “We’ve been getting lots and lots of folks mailing it in and Town Hall has been helpful in providing information to the families.”

Parents with any questions about the checks can call the residency office at 203-452-4348. A copy of the residency letter can be viewed at, by looking for the residency letter under “News and Announcements.”