Rutigliano: Malloy budget a 'bait and switch'

State Rep. Dave Rutigliano was critical of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget in written comments to the media Wednesday afternoon. Malloy presented his budget to a joint session of the Connecticut General Assembly.

“The budget is a work of fiction,” said Rutigliano. “This budget is nothing more than a bait and switch intended to mask our fiscal problems with more borrowing. Connecticut needs to stop kicking the can down the road, and finally pick it up and fix our fiscal problems. This generation cannot continue to saddle the next generation with irresponsible decisions.”

The state’s budget deficit for Fiscal Years 2014 and 2015 totals $2.46 billion dollars. Malloy’s plan borrows $750 million dollars to help pay for the day to day expenses of the state government, while increasing spending by 9%.

“A spending increase of $1.7 billion is not something you expect to see when we’re facing a $2.5 billion deficit,” said Rutigliano.

Malloy’s plan proposes to borrow $122 million for state aid to cities and towns. It closes the budget gap by bonding over $3 billion, moving $900 million out from under the state spending cap, and by extending the following taxes and credits: The generation tax, caps on insurance premiums, the corporate surcharge, and the implementation of the “Amazon Tax,” Rutigliano said.

“The governor talked about keeping the budget under the spending cap,” said Rutigliano. “What he didn’t tell you is he did so by placing $900 million in spending outside the cap. I agree with capping our spending, I do not agree with saying we are going to cap our spending and then going and opening up another credit card.”

Rutigliano did commend the governor for proposing to make the bipartisan deficit mitigation plan spending reductions permanent and for joining Republicans in proposing to consolidate agencies. “Unfortunately, the few bright spots don’t outweigh the negatives in this budget package. Spending reductions must be a greater part of the budget resolution, or we will continue to be saddled with out of control debt and high unemployment,” said Rutigliano.