Red Quaker Oats sign again lights up Cedar Rapids skyline

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — The bright red Quaker Oats sign that had long lit up the Cedar Rapids skyline before a rare wind storm damaged it last August is back atop the Quaker Oats plant near downtown.

The new sign installed June 1 is a near exact replica of the old sign, but sports all LED lights and took hundreds of hours of labor over six months to reconstruct, The Gazette reported.

The previous neon sign first lit up in 1947 and was the largest electric sign in Cedar Rapids at the time. Nesper Sign Advertising of Cedar Rapids created the new version, and Nesper president Phil Garland said it uses about one-sixth of the power of the old sign.

“It’s not glass, so it’s safer as far as if it ever were to get broken in a storm — falling glass is obviously not a good thing,” Garland said.

Nesper Sign also will replace a second sign at the plant, facing the Cedar River.