Property transfers in Trumbull Dec. 10 to Dec. 16

The following property transfers were recorded in the Trumbull Town Clerk’s office from Dec. 10 to Dec. 16.

17 Sarenee Circle

Beatrice J. Braverman to Concetta Dilieto


14 Placid St.

Brian M. Hobbs to Todd A. Parsons


40 Doris St.

Frank R. Scifo to Kirk G. Stephens


102 Cider Mill Lane Unit 352

Viola R. Watson to Anthony Leventakos


43 Midland Road

Margaret M. Nilan to Michael Doyle


401 Unity Road

Mary Ellen Kovacs to JingJing Ma


95 Middlebrooks Ave.

Stephen Christopher Rodgerson to James Cavall


23 Hampton Road

Jennifer Church Stevens to Percy H. Johnson


33 Pauline St.

Gailyn Donofrio to Darwin Mauricio Sigchi


1054 Daniels Farm Road

Andrea F. Prushku to Resync Property Solutions LLC


31 Marathon Road

Ida Lanzante to Kosmas Kalmandis


4154 Madison Ave.

Professional Offices of Trumbull to Turkey Point Properties, LLC


2551 Huntington Drive

Eva Toutain to David B. Herzfeld