Property transfers in Trumbull

Photo of Amanda Cuda

The following property transfers were recorded in the Trumbull town clerk’s office from Dec. 4 through Dec. 10.

44 Rosemond Terrace

Nancy Henderson estate to Wise Buyers LLC


124 Imperial Court

John E. Murphy to Nancy L. Walkley TR


36 Lounsbury Road

Joyce Szmanski to Junior Cesar Neiva


16 Sentry Hill Road

Jorge Yoguez to Keith Himmel


231 Unity Road

231 Unity Road LLC to Evan R. Potter


34 Tashua Road

Charles A. Connor to Li Feng Cao


480 Daniels Farm Road

Lisa A. Carrano to Eric Ursol


54 Old Hollow Road

Andre E. Bouchahine to John Weber


426 Pitkin Hollow

Lorraine Wall to Alexandru Viorel Antihi


35 Sherman Ave.

Mileo Group LLC to Paul Pranco


2160 Reservoir Ave.

Maria Wiszniewska to Juan Ayala


52 Maple St.

Carla Fontes Alers to Damian Largier


426 Plattsville Road

Melissa M. Borghi to Gaetano R. Fratto