Property transfers

The following property transfers were recorded in the Trumbull town clerk’s office from Nov. 6 to Nov. 12.

112 Imperial Court Regency Meadow

Linda S. Hyde Revocable Trust to Dennis M. Docimo


67 Valley View Road

Rita Ariano Mee, Executor to GPRE LLC


50 Elberta Ave.

James H. Kirkland to Douglas S. Oliveira


312 Stonebridge Lane

Annalisa Lombardi to Salman Nomani


5415 Main St.

Tony Ferreira to Annalisa Lombardi


108 Coventry Lane

Rosilda Oliveira Sousa to Wellington Marinho Oliveira


36 Sunnycrest Road

Cornell Vangor to Joanne Castillo


218 Putting Green Road

Helen G. Drysdale to Michael S. Trombetta


1601 Huntington Turnpike

Jennifer Stanhewicz Debrosky to Robert Medina