Property Transfers - Six sales for $1.95 million

The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office between March 2 and March 6 2020:

4900 Madison Ave.: Michelle Zacchia to Robert Zacchia, $45,000;

255 Middlebrooks Ave.: Service Solutions LLC to Marjorie Honorat, $375,000;

19 Mount Pleasant Drive: Catherine Lobdell to Jessica Annosier, $310,000;

100 Elliott Road: Amad Shaham and Delvin Yousif to Adel Veras, $410,000;

28 Ascolese Road: Michael Hafferkamp and Arlene Ratsphangthong to Matthew Guzzetti and Carmen Guzzett, $305,000;

72 Sunnycrest Road: Gerard Lionetti and Denise Lionetti to Joseph Rende and Maria Rende, $505,000.