Police - Use security cameras to thwart thieves

Trumbull police are asking residents to use their home security cameras to help combat the dramatic increase in vehicle thefts and larcenies from cars that are occurring throughout the town.

“Residents are asked to use the features that are readily available on their residential camera systems to sound an audible alarm when there is late-night motion detected in their driveways,” said Lt. Brian Weir.

Nineteen vehicles have been stolen from driveways since the first of this year, and dozens of cars have had personal property stolen from inside many others, police said. This crime has been facilitated by residents who continue to leave their parked vehicles unlocked, with the keys inside.

These thefts are occurring mostly during late night hours, generally between midnight and 5 a.m., Weir said.

“During one recent night, three vehicles were stolen from different areas of town, including a 2019 Lincoln Navigator, valued at $95,000,” he said.

Once again, the keys were left inside the unlocked cars, making it easy for the thieves to enter the vehicles nd drive them away. In addition to car thefts, dozens of unlocked cars have been burglarized in recent months with a variety of personal property stolen, including wallets and purses, handbags, cash, credit cards, personal documents and IDs, computers, and keys to local homes and businesses.

Since the first of the year, officers have logged 163 incidents where unlocked vehicles were opened and property was stolen.

“If residents would set their driveway motion alarms and notify police when they see anyone near their cars during the night, we would have a much better opportunity of catching these car thieves,” Weir said.

Police recommend the mnemonic ALERTS, Advise Law enforcement Regarding Thieves Swiftly and urge residents to report such incidents quickly. Always report any suspicious persons or activity to the police and dial 911 for all emergencies, police said.