Police - Facebook feud leads to knifepoint threat in Trumbull

TRUMBULL — A 55-year-old Shelton man is facing multiple charges after an apparent social media dispute allegedly escalated to a knifepoint threat.

According to police, officers were called to a Trumbull home shortly after 9 p.m. June 24. The man there said he had been in a dispute on Facebook with Michael Champagne of Shelton over politics, and had agreed to meet him at Trumbull High to continue the discussion in person.

When the two met, the man said Champagne was recording video of the conversation, and when the complainant left the scene to return home, Champagne followed him. Another argument ensued, which escalated until Champagne took out a 3.5-inch Gerber knife and swiped it down toward the complainant, who had to back up to avoid getting hit, police said.

Champagne, who allegedly cut himself on the hand when he drew the knife, left the scene before police arrived. But officers found him in his vehicle on a nearby street. He was charged with second-degree threatening, disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal attempt at assault. He was held on $5,000 bond.

The conflict apparently began when the complainant made a post on a Trumbull community page. The post was removed by Facebook for violating its community standards, and the complainant then made a second post complaining about the deletion and calling out the other members as cowards. He then asserted none of them had the courage to meet him in person.

Champagne appeared to take him up on the offer to meet, and the complainant said he would be at Trumbull High. He then offered to take a photo of himself to prove he was there and that Champagne was a (coward).