Police: Driver crashed into Town Hall sign, then demanded lift to pot store

The Trumbull man who allegedly crashed his car into the message sign at Town Hall was arrested later that same day ... for an entirely different charge.

According to police, Eric Henry Sastram, 53, crashed his car into the sign at the intersection of Main Street and Quality Street at 9:36 a.m. on July 10. The officer who investigated the incident reported that based on tire marks at the scene and witness reports, it appeared that Sastram was driving his 1997 Honda Accord toward Main Street in the left turn lane when he suddenly veered sharply to the right, crossed the right-turn lane and drove up onto the Town Hall lawn. His car then crashed into the sign, which consists of a wood and glass message board set in brick. Sastram’s vehicle then continued across the lawn onto Main Street and he left the scene.

A witness, who had attempted to assist at the scene, reported that Sastram appeared confused and was slurring his words. A second witness told police Sastram had appeared drunk, and said other people had tried to assist Sastram, but that he had rolled the car back and then drove off toward Monroe.

The collision caused significant damage to the Honda. The car’s bumper and license plate were ripped off the car and left behind at the scene. Police estimated the damage at $5,000 to the car, and $3,000 to the sign.

Officers located the Honda parked behind Sastram’s home with heavy front-end damage, a flat left rear tire and nearly all the rubber stripped from the other three tires. According to police, the front airbags were also deployed.

Later that day, at 8:35 p.m., police arrested Sastram on a disorderly conduct charge after he allegedly grabbed and twisted the arm of a family member that had refused to give him a ride to a medical marijuana dispensary in Milford. Police said the victim had yelped in pain, then called police after getting away from him.

Sastram’s bond for the domestic incident was $5,000 for court July 17. The investigation into the Town Hall crash remains open. As of July 17, he has not been charged in that incident.