Palo 'testing the waters,' forms exploratory committee

Democratic Board of Finance member Andrew Palo is considering a run for higher office. Palo announced the formation of the Exploratory Committee “Palo for Trumbull.” The formation of the committee allows a potential candidate to raise money and conduct certain activities while determining whether to run for office.

At this time, Palo said he is not choosing to run for a specific office, but exploring if it is the right time to consider something "bigger."

“Forming an exploratory committee allows me the opportunity to test the waters,” Palo said in a press release. “There are many issues in Trumbull right now which cause me concern, and which should concern every resident.  In the coming weeks, I will decide how I can best address them.”

Palo said boards and commissions need to work together and right now, residents are being poorly served by what he called “political bluster” from Town Hall. He said there  needs to be less extremism and partisanship and more community service.

“I was originally part of the Herbst ticket in 2009, but my independent thinking didn't sit too well with the powers that be in the Trumbull Republican Party,” Palo wrote. “I have found a home in the Democratic Party, one where many thoughts and ideas are accepted and you do not have to cater to the thoughts of one or two individuals. I have worked with elected leaders from both parties, and I believe I have the respect of people on both sides of the aisle. I am someone who will not put party before people and I recognize that there are good ideas on both sides. I want to bring people together, and end this division and conflict which hurts Trumbull, and diminishes our town in the eyes of others around the state.”

Palo criticized the Herbst administration’s handling of sewer issues, including handling of the North Nichols Sewer Project.

“We also have major decisions to make regarding the possibility of entering into a regional sewer authority,” he said.  “We have to determine what is in Trumbull's best interests today, and for years to come.  We need leaders who know how to work effectively with people in order to get the best outcome for Trumbull.”

Palo stated that his other top priorities are fiscally responsible spending, public safety, education and fair taxing.

“We need to prioritize spending on the things that are most important to Trumbull families.  We cannot afford to step backward in either public safety or education and we must give residents and local businesses modest and predictable tax increases each and every year.  We shouldn't be using fiscal gimmicks like bonding operational expenses and using the general fund for one-time tax mitigation because it is not transparent or fiscally responsible for both the present and the future.”

Andrew Palo has lived in Trumbull for 14 years with his wife, Raelinda, who is a Trumbull native. They have two children, Andrew and Alexa.

Recently, First Selectman Timothy Herbst announced he will run for a third term. See story here.