Trumbull health inspectors issued a single failing grade to local eateries in November. Failing was the Trumbull Marriott for using food from dented cans. The cans were discarded during the inspector’s visit, according to the report.

Although seemingly a minor violation, dented cans are a significant health concern. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends discarding any can with a dent more than a finger-width deep, and any can with a dent on any seam.

The primary danger of serving food from a dented can is the potential spread of botulism, a rare but serious illness that attacks the body’s nervous system. It can result from air and bacteria entering a can through a pinhole-sized opening.

Health inspectors visit restaurants quarterly, and grade them on a numerical scale, with 100 points being a perfect score. Inspectors deduct between one and four points for any one of 62 possible violations. Any score under 80 is considered a failure, as is even a single uncorrected violation of a 4-point risk factor. Inspectors issue 4-point deductions for violations such as improper food-holding temperatures, damaged food cans and inadequate hand-washing facilities. Lesser violations can include leaving scoops in the ice machine, missing or inaccurate food thermometers and uncovered trash cans. Restaurants that receive 4-point violations can be required to correct them on the spot. For the most severe violations, the restaurant can have its license revoked and be shut down.

In November, inspectors visited 10 establishments, issuing scores from 85 to 98, with the Marriott achieving an 89.

So how did the other Trumbull restaurants do?

Caracas Grill - 91

Dunkin’ (Westfield) - 85

Fatty Patty - 96

Franco Gianni - 91

Fruity Swirls - 94

Global Montello Group (Trumbull Food Mart) - 95

Pizza Hut (Target) - 98

Prime One Eleven - 91

Trumbull Marriott - 89

Wahlburgers - 89.