New look for Old Towne Restaurant in Trumbull

Photo of Amanda Cuda

TRUMBULL — At 33, the Old Towne Restaurant isn't exactly old. In fact, if it were a person, it would be considered a millennial.

But the longstanding Trumbull eatery in Town Hall Plaza, 60 Quality St., recently received a facelift that will bring it solidly into the latest generation. The restaurant, which first opened in 1989, just had a major renovation inside. This included a brand new bar, ceiling, tables and booths and adding rooms for private parties.

It's the first major overhaul the restaurant has had since 2000, when the plaza in which it sits was remodeled.

"We’ve done little things here and there but this our first full renovation," said Catherine Rountos, who owns the restaurant with her brother, Dean Kotsaftis. "This was a long time in coming."

Rountos said the renovation took about six months to plan and another three to four months to execute. She and Kotsaftis said there are still bits and pieces of work that need to be completed, such as some painting and the addition of decor items, but the new look is pretty much in place.

Trumbull Economic and Community Development Director Rina Bakalar said the new interior is already a hit with customers.

"The place looks great," she said. "It looks really modern. They've been here more than 30 years, and they’re just a great a staple in town." 

Rountos said she and Kotsaftis decided to redo the restaurant this year as sort of a pick-me-up and a counterbalance to the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"During COVID, we had to concentrate so much on takeout that we wanted to do something fun and exciting bring people back inside," Rountos said.

She said she's thrilled with the new look at the restaurant. "It's definitely more modern," Rountos said. "It's brighter. It's more open. People love it."

The restaurant's relationship with its customer base has likely been key to its survival over the years, Kotsaftis said. 

"We’ve been here for so many years," he said. "We’ve seen many restaurants come and go and we’re still here."

Rountos agreed that the restaurant's bond to the greater Trumbull community has been crucial.

"We’ve been in town for such a long time, these people have become friends to us," she said.