New Trumbull park stickers available - old stickers no longer valid

Trumbull vehicle park stickers which permit parking in town parks are available for pick-up by Trumbull residents in the Town Hall Annex, 5892 Main St., Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. A current motor vehicle registration must be presented in order to obtain a sticker.

The Trumbull Park Sticker pictured is the only sticker that is valid for 2013. All other stickers are no longer valid.

If a town resident (or non-resident) does not have the 2013 sticker on their vehicle, they are subject to receiving a $25 ticket.

Remember to remove and dispose of your decal from any vehicle you no longer own.

Vehicle stickers limit parking at park facilities to Trumbull residents and taxpayers and are issued on private passenger, combination and camper plate vehicles. Commercial vehicles are excluded from our parks by ordinance.

Use of swimming areas will continue to require display of a driver’s license identification with a Trumbull address. Contact the Recreation Department at 203-452-5060 with any questions, and to ask about obtaining park stickers for child-care providers and guests for use of local parks for picnics.