Summer is a time to pursue leisure activities, and what better way to rejuvenate than by burying one’s nose in a good book? The number of participants in the Trumbull Library’s summer reading program this year suggests that many teens would agree.

“By the end of the summer last year we had about 100 teens sign up for the summer reading program, and I know that this year we are already beyond that,” said Chelsie Labrecque, Teen Librarian at the Trumbull Library.

According to Labrecque, 80 teens registered in the first week alone.

“Involvement has certainly increased drastically,” she said. And that number could further increase, since sign-ups are open until the end of August.

The high level of participants in the program is reflected by the large volume of library material circulated over the summer - greater than any other time of year - Labrecque said.

By immersing themselves into literature, whether it be an ancient Greek play, an American classic, or a contemporary work of fiction, Trumbull teens are certainly keeping their minds sharp for the coming school year.