The Model Congress team spent a weekend recently at Yale University. This was their underclassmen trip and consisted of mostly underclassmen with a few juniors and seniors to mentor the students.

The students spent around 25 hours in committee and full sessions debating topics on gun control, the rising opioid epidemic, climate change and others, as they debated the best policy to fix the issues. At the end of the weekend, 20 out of 28 bills were passed in committee by the students and five of them were passed in House and Senate full sessions.

Junior Gabe Sayers-Dalgar said, “At Yale I was able to debate foreign issues all over the globe and help brainstorm solutions to problems going on worldwide. I was able to meet new people from all over the northeast and have meaningful and real discussions that furthered me as a person.”

The two seniors on the trip were part of specialized committees: Jake Verespy in the Cabinet passed his budget through Congress and Brendan Estacio in the Supreme Court won his case.

In the end, Trumbull came home with four awards. Junior Rachel Weintraub - Best Delegate in Senate Ethics Committee; Sophomore Adrish Das - Honorable Mention in Senate Health Education Labor & Pensions; Sophomore Neya Kidambi - Best Legislation in Environment & Public Works; Rachel Weintraub also won Best Delegate in the Full Senate session of over 100 delegates.