Milford shooting victim was cousin of Shelton mayor

The man shot and killed in Milford on Wednesday was the cousin of Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, and Lauretti said he was shocked and saddened to hear about the death.

Michael Savignano, 56, lived in Shelton with his mother, Lauretti said. While Savignano had some problems over the years, they were problems not too different than those that other Americans face these days, Lauretti said.

“Your feelings for them are no different if there are problems,” Lauretti said. “They’re still family, and in some ways you love them more because you hope they get straightened out.”

Two people involved in incident

Savignano was one of two men involved in a fatal shooting in Milford on Wednesday near Jonathan Law High School.

Police said the shootings took place about 12:46 p.m. on June 4. When officers arrived on the scene police found Savignano on a front lawn at 31 Hollywood Ave. He was bleeding from a chest wound and later died at Bridgeport Hospital.

While responders were giving aid to Savignano, police spotted Vincent Edwards, 48, of Milford running from the scene with a gun, officials said. Police chased Edwards, who ran into 16 Midway Ave., where he lived, and then made his way onto the roof, where he shot and killed himself.

‘The guy I grew up with’

Lauretti said he saw Savignano about a week ago and thought his cousin was in a better frame of mind. “I chatted with him, and he was the guy I grew up with,” Lauretti said.

He doesn’t know why his cousin was in Milford on Wednesday, but Lauretti said his sources have told him the shooting involved a dispute over a woman.

Savignano was a working man all his life, and worked as a mechanic at his father’s car dealership in Naugatuck, Lauretti said.

Police are still interviewing neighbors and other people who lived at 16 Midway Ave. Milford Police Chief Keith Mello said more information will be released when it becomes available.