Malloy declares emergency in advance of storm

Gov. Dannel Malloy on Saturday signed a declaration of emergency for the state due to the likelihood of Hurricane Sandy's impact here.

This power gives the governor the ability to modify and suspend state statutes and regulations — meaning work hours can be altered to have more people on hand for a response. It also gives him the power to order civil preparedness forces into action and the ability to designate vehicle and person routes and movements.

"The forecast path of Hurricane Sandy has convinced me that the signing of this declaration is necessary, and will help us react more quickly and effectively in the event of a serious weather event," Malloy said. "This storm needs to be taken seriously and just as the state is taking preparatory actions, I encourage the public and all of the state's utility companies to do the same"

Malloy is holding a conference call with Connecticut town leaders at 1 p.m. Saturday and plans to address the media at 2.